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Welcome,to the site of the National Joint Large Scale Standard Map of The Netherlands (‘LSV GBKN’)

The Large Scale Standard Map of The Netherlands (GBKN) is the most detailed topographic map throughout The Netherlands. No other country offers such a completely detailed map of its land!

Detailed is defined as: a scale of 1:500 or 1:1000 in surburban areas and 1:2000 in rural areas. 
The GBKN is a live map. This is because it not only contains all essential topographic standard information of The Netherlands (with clearly written and precise contents), but it is also possible to add information. 

  The GBKN: the detailed topographic standard map throughout The Netherlands. No surprise that the users group is large and diverse. The map is presently consulted on an average of 1800 times per weekday! 

There is much to tell about the GBKN. Below are the most important ins and outs:

  • Many application possibilities: from consulting to presenting and from background for projects to a basis for a geographic information system.
  • Contains 3 types of information: hard topography, soft topography and semantic information.
  • Available in analogue and digital.
  • Standard system of the Dutch Cadastre.


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Contact the LSV GBKN secretariat in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands:

Telephone: 0031 - 88 183 37 90
Fax: 0031 -88 183 20 73

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